There's a vast array of alarm systems on the market, but which is best for you?

Alarm systems generally fall under the following categories:

  • Domestic - hard wired
  • Domestic - wire free
  • Commercial - hard wired, 'bells only'
  • Commercial - wire free 'bells only'
  • Commercial - hard wired monitored, 'digital communicator'
  • Commercial - hard wired 'BT Redcare'

Domestic hard wired, these systems utilise cables to each device atatched to the system.  They are generally considered a cheaper type of installation that has proven to be reliable, most existing systems will be hard wired.  Installation of a hard wired system will usually require carpets to be lifted, holes to be drilled etc into interior decor.  Although, where possible, all cabling will be hidden.  A hard wired system is ideally suited to being installed during building alterations when cables can be hidden more easier. 

Domestic wire free systems are becoming a very popular choice as advances in wireless transmission & security improves every day.  Wire free alarm systems need no cabling to be installed apart from the mains electricity supply to the control panel, again, hidden wherever possible.  The systems we use have proved ultra reliable in recent years.  Installation time is greatly reduced in comparrison to a conventional hard wired system, less distruption to interior decor is an added bonus too.  The majority of wire free system we install have a built in telephone dialler which will ring up to 3 people in the event of an alar activation.  There is no charge for the dialler service other than the cost of the phone call itself.

Commercial systems come in may forms.  For a basic system, the systems will be a standard hard wired system with no telephone dialler or monitered line.  Like the domestic hard wired systems, each device needs a seperate cable.

Commercial wire free systems are relatively new to the market, again, like the domestic wire free systems, the alarm will only sound at the premesis or call 3 key holders.  A monitered wire free system that will link to a monitoring station will be available in the near future.

If your business insurance specify a monitored system, we will work closely with them to design a system to meet the requirements they specify.  This can include a digital communicator linked with the alarm system to provide the monitoring station with details of an alarm activation who will then notify the relevent key holders.  Depending on the level of security the insurers insist on, we can supply BT Redcare where applicable.  Redcare GSM is often specified if the secured premesis is vulnerble to vandalism, i.e. telephone lines being cut.  Redcare GSM uses the standard dedicated Redcare telephone line for normal data transmission but also had a GSM/mobile phone style backup which will send data even if the telephone line is tampered with.

Further information regarding BT Redcare can be found here >

For more information on any of the above, don't hesitate to contact us.


Wirefree and Hardwired Intruder Alarm Servicing

Most insurance companies today recommend that an intruder alarm system is serviced on an annual basis by an approved alarm company, J S Security & Electrical are approved by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) and have been since June 2002, (please check your contents insurance policy as this may already have a stipulation that the alarm system is serviced annually by an approved installer as failure to do this may render your policy null and void if a claim is made for burglary and service records cannot be produced). 

Regular maintenance of the intruder alarm system ensures that your system continues to perform at an optimul level.  During a service visit the engineer will repair any minor faults and provide answers to any questions the customer may have regarding the system and it's operation. 

The servicing is carried out in accordance with European Standards EN50131/PD6662, also, in accordance with the SSAIB guidelines.

For the cost of a service visit please call us on 0191 416 9078.