J S Security & Electrical offer a range of fire alarms systems tailor made to your needs.  We offer both wirefree fire alarms as well as the more conventional '2 wire' hard wired systems.

Hard wired systems are usually the most cost effective as they're more readilly available.  The 2 wire systems we offer, are relatively new to the market and only need 1 cable that loops in and out of each device on the zone.  The advantage over an older style system is that there's no need for multiple cables to be routed for the same zone round the building.  Please note that all cabling will be concealed where possible during installation to be as disctreet as possible


We also offer a range of wirefree systems which do away with the cabling that's usually required for each device. The advantage is that there's less disruption to interior decor and no unsightly cables on show at the devices at all.

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